Give Your Child the European Advantage

Sending your child to a private school, especially one that has European philosophies when it comes to education can seem like a daunting task. You need to think carefully regarding what kind of a future you are expecting for your child. Would enrolling your young one into a school that embodies European philosophies really prepare them for the future? The answer is yes, it can. Private School Singapore can give your child more of an edge in today’s competitive market, making them ready to face the challenges ahead of them. You not only expose them to cultural diversity at an early age, but also give them the chance to grow as global citizens from an early age.

Our world is dominated by cultural diversity and differences, but united through a global approach to life. Your child gets not only quality education at a private school Singapore from an early age, but learns to think like a global citizen as well. This means that they are raised tobe a unique part of this globally advanced world, and can find themselves comfortably dealing with whatever life throws their way. Studying in a school that has European philosophies in no way means that they will be distanced from their own culture. It is by combining cultures that the education system truly thrives.

From trained teachers to a unique syllabus, your child will grow to understand and be culturally aware as they grow up and get ready to face the world. By being exposed to people of different cultures from an early age, they will learn to quickly adapt and be flexible in different scenarios. If your child later wishes to study or work abroad, they will easily be able to do that as well. At a time when we are increasingly getting more and more used to Western ideas and concepts, your child will be way ahead of peers without this European advantage. To build strong, confident and capable global citizens of tomorrow, we need to give them the chance to grow that way today. Your child not only receives education from trained teachers, they also learn new languages and are taught to open their minds. The European advantage will help them to become successful citizens of tomorrow. A quality education is at the forefront with properly trained teachers who will give each child the attention they require to grow.

Famous Keyboard artists

Keyboard is an instrument which produces different notes when different keys are pressed. The advantage of keyboard is that different notes can be played simultaneously or in close succession to each other. A versatile keyboard player can play any style of music on the keyboard. The modern day keyboard has finally evolved from many previous versions.

The keyboard is different from the piano, and is definitely a cheaper investment overall. If you are looking for keyboard classes, Ossia Music School is just the place. They conduct classes for adults and children, and also have short-term classes if you are unsure of committing to learning this instrument long-term. For Keyboard Class Singapore, you should definitely check them out here:


There are many famous piano artists who have made their mark in history. Few of them will be discussed here in this article.

Lonnie Liston Smith started his career as a piano player. He played American jazz, soul and funk music. He played with jazz artists like Pharoah Sanders and Miles Davis. With Pharoah Sanders he discovered the electric piano.
Ramsey Lewis is also an American pianist, jazz composer and also a radio personality. Smith has recorded over 80 albums in his career and has won three Grammy awards and seven gold records.

Billy Currie is a violinist, pianist, keyboardist and a songwriter from England. His most successful work includes new wave band Ultravox, in the year 1980s.

Vadim Pruzhanov is an Ukrainian keyboardist who plays for UK power metal band DragonForce. He started learning piano at the age of 8 and continued to learn it in school as well. At the age of 12 he started composing his own songs and began showing interest in rock music. He met the members of his band in school while studying in London.

Bernie Worrell was a famous American keyboardist and composer known for his work Talking Heads. He was a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted in 1997. He began his formal music lessons at the age of three and wrote concerto at the age of eight. He took up music as his subject in college and received a degree from the New England Conservatory of Music in 1967.

Nicky Hopkins was a famous English pianist and organist. He has done many notable performances in British and American pop and rock music releases from 1960s to 1990s. He started playing piano at the age of 3 and he was tutored by a local piano teacher and he won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music in London.

The basic step to be like any of the above mentioned keyboardists is to learn keyboard. This can b done by self-tutoring or by learning under an experienced teacher. You can also enroll in any keyboard classes Singapore to learn better.

Guidelines for educators at childcare centre

Running a childcare centre is a great career opportunity as you are responsible for the child’s safety & lessons on life and education that will shape their future. As a teacher at a childcare centre it is your job to prepare the child for preschool Singapore. It does take a lot of dedication, but it is job, which comes with a lot of responsibility. Here are few tips to ensure that you do the right thing by the children in your childcare centre.

Create interesting activities
At such a young age, a child’s mind is like the sponge. It absorbs all the learning lessons that you have to impart very easily. In addition, you are also making their learning experience exciting by offering those activities that will keep them entertained and challenged. As a result, a child will be able to develop his cognitive skills quickly. It will help him in, as he grows older.
You have also help the child learn and understand good values. Sharing food and doing activities together will enhance the bond between the children. Under your tutelage, they will also understand to respect their friend’s decisions, learn to talk politely and understand that bullying is a sign of weakness.

Outdoor activities are good
If there are no outdoor activities, then a child is missing their youth. You can take them out to parks, kids zone at malls or to the zoo and aquarium. If you need additional help, then ask the children’s’ parents to volunteer. This will make the expedition more interesting. It will also give them time to bond with their parents and friends. These activities will also improve their physical skills.

Keep the bad mood at the door
You cannot do much about the external factors that affect and ruin your mood or day. However, once you step into the childcare center in singapore, you leave all the bad things at the door. Remember, children are extremely sensitive to bad moods and get the negative vibe instantly. As a result, your bad mood will affect them negatively. They will not concentrate in the class, become aggressive or loud and even go to the extreme of throwing tantrums. In such situations, your day will turn worse as you will have to force yourself to snap out of the bad mood. To avoid this, it is best that once you enter the centre, take two minutes and remove all bad thoughts. Just focus on the children and it will help you keep the bad mood at bay.

Your job is not a chore
If you take your job seriously and do not consider it as chore because you love children, then you will be able to do full justice to your job. Remember, if your passion is not educating children, then you have chosen the wrong profession. It would be easier to consider it as just another job. However, eventually, the children will be able to feel it from your behaviour to your body language. Therefore, always remember that it is necessary to love children in general when you sign up for the job.

Treat children with care
While you may love your job, you may still not be doing justice to it, as you are not treating the children with care. It does take a lot of patience because a child has different moods every day and every hour. If you are getting a burn out or not able to deal with it, do not reflect with your actions towards the children. If you treat the children with care, you will be able bring out the best in them.

Safety issues to checkout at childcare centre

When it comes to the safety of your child, it is but obvious, that as a parent you will leave no stone unturned. In addition, if you want to decide on any particular childcare centre in singapore like chiltern house, and you want to send your child to in preparation for his preschool Singapore, you need to keep the safety factors in mind. When you go to a shortlisted childcare centre to understand its feasibility for your child, check out these safety issues or take a look at this Chiltern House Forum for greater assurance.

The organisation must have a Government authorised certification and licence approving them of following the necessary requirements for running a childcare service. There should also be recognition from various authorities for fireproof building, hygiene standards from the health department, which will assure you that the childcare service centre takes safety of all children seriously.

Writing on the wall
Always ask for the policies that the centre practice with regards to children and parents. It should be in writing or else it is not a place for your child to enrol. The policies must be clear on several things such as – cleaning, sick policies, medication, discipline, infection and even sanitation. Be careful to read the policy about the educators also. In addition, there will be policies on the fees and financial transactions. Take the time to read the policies before signing on the dotted lines.

Open-door policy
Most childcare service centres encourage the parents to come and visit their child at lunchtime or dinnertime. However, if they are not excited about the open-door policy, then do not even think of putting your child into that childcare service centre. You may get excuses such as you would be disturbing the cycle of the child or that the child may start setting the wrong expectation, but do not fall for it.

Staff members’ attitude
In your absence, a caregiver who will be entirely responsible for your child. Therefore, it is necessary to watch the hygiene of the caregivers. Do they wash their hands before they feed a child? Do they wash a child properly after he has vomited? These observations can help you make an informed decision.

In addition, notice the way the caregivers react to a child’s emotional needs such as tantrums and tears. Is the caregiver being impatient or rude or shouting at the child? Is the caregiver carrying the crying child properly or is he trying to scare the child in anyway? If these emotional needs are not met, then your child will not have a happy upbringing.

Childproofing the building
Your child’s physical safety is crucial. Question the director about the childproofing system put in place, so that your child does not suffer because of someone else’s carelessness. Do an online research on each of the shortlisted childcare centres and look for complaints & reviews on any accidents and injuries. If there more than three complaints about any particular centre due to lack of childproofing system, it that particular centre is ruled out from your list.

Medically equipped
A lot of schools and colleges have a sick room and professionally trained doctor and nurse on the premises. Therefore, it goes without saying the same requirement must be made at childcare centres. A doctor, a nurse and a sick room to ensure that whatever virus a child has contracted is not passed on to the other children at the centre. In addition, the centre must ensure that all the staff are medically trained to have swift response time during an injury. If the childcare service provides this facility, you should also be ready to pay more.

Exercises to improve your practice time of violin


The basic of violin practices

To gain expertise in any skill, honing that skill is very important. Each music scholar sees how fundamental consistent, successful practice is for creating playing inclination. However, as weird as it sounds, for those scholars who are amateurs in violin playing, extensive practice times can really be adverse to their advancement. The explanation behind this logical inconsistency lies in human instinct. Repetitive practice with little diversity makes it simple to change your contemplations to different things so you wind up honing on “auto-pilot,” which is the most noticeably awful thing you can do.

To succeed, violin scholars need to develop powerful practice regimens. Else, the demoralizing outcomes can prompt dissatisfaction and possible giving up. Nonetheless, you can dissuade that from occurring by discovering approaches to build your training proficiency and applying consolidated techniques that pay attention on diagnosing and taking out your performance issues. Violin class in Singapore can also help with some exercises.

Exercises to improve

The Fundamental

In the beginning, violin scholars need to concentrate on three center regions, keeping up a flawless stance, a right violin bow hold, and a precise violin fingering procedure. As opposed to performing remotely (without conscious contemplations), ensure that amid your training time your whole consideration is focused on performing. In addition, break your training routine into sensible schedule vacancies. The thought is to organize your training with the goal that you never daydream, and are dependably totally centered around a particular assignment. Research has demonstrated that deliberate rehearsal is significantly more helpful than longer hours of repetition playing.

Creating Intonation

For violin learners, best approaches to build up your inflection includes utilizing tapes to guarantee precise violin fingering. One-eighth (not the ¼) automotive pinstripe tape gives only the perfect sum. Also, if your finger covers it totally, you’re great; yet excessively (squashing your finger over it) will bring about a sharp note, and too little will influence the note to sound level. The tape can enable you to enhance your training times by wiping out mystery. Using appropriate stance, take a shot at putting your initial three fingers on the tapes accurately, at that point close your eyes and repeat. Repeat this until the point when you can put your fingers precisely without looking.

Clean Playing— developing a mastery over violin string planes

Avoiding violin string intersections and unintentional twofold stops is essential for violin apprentices to learn. To work on keeping your violin bow on the right string plane, your straight bow and “oily elbow” systems will prove to be useful.

Exercise to train your ears

Utilize another instrument or an electronic pitch generator to work on recognizing the pitch. Play the first pitch, at that point utilizing your violin, attempt to duplicate the sound you’ve heard. As you gain ground, have a go at utilizing two notes, first in scalewise movement, at that point later in arpeggio steps.

More Quick Tips

Give careful consideration to the examples your fingers make amid one-octave scale rehearse. Those that begin with open violin strings and those that begin with the primary finger have unmistakable, tedious examples. Name the notes in your mind or sing them out load as you rehearse scales. Continuously audit old material, and practice new procedures on material you’ve effectively aced. When looked with a steady series of eights or sixteenths, you can enhance your violin bow system by adjusting the rhythm of each measure amid training. The most vital thing to recollect when you’re moving toward training times and strategies is to remain rationally engaged. Create approaches to shield your psyche from meandering and you’ll see an astounding change in the advance you’re ready to make on your violin practice.

How to go about choosing a good pre-nursery school

Once you decide to put your child in a pre-nursery, you may begin doing your research so you can choose the But the sheer fact that there are a number nurseries available may bewilder you. Not only that, you will find that there are schools that seem to believe in grandstanding because according to them, this may help them act like reputed schools they are not. These schools may also be harboring a notion that “show off” is one of the best ways to lure gullible people. All these may also add to your confusion. Remember that there is no necessity to get overwhelmed or upset over all these. Nor do you have any legal rights to stop these schools from showing off. The only point that is emphasized here is that if you adopt a methodical approach and do a proper research, you can easily make your choice.

You can begin the process by inquiring with known people if they know any good pre-nursery in your locality or its surroundings. They or some of their friends or relatives may have put their children in pre-nursery schools. So, they may provide you with the names and locations of a few schools. Once you gather these details, you can delve deep to find out more about these schools.

You should make it a point to visit the websites of the schools recommended by your friends and check their track-records. You must particularly look at the reviews written by parents who had already put their children in those schools. Remember that the more reviews you read, the better because the objectivity element of your research will go up by several notches if you go through more number of reviews.

How do these reviews help you in making your choice?

1. Your primary concern may be the safety of your children. These reviews will help you check if the schools are taking adequate steps for ensuring the safety of the children studying in them.

2. Secondly, you can know if the schools maintain a clean environment. The surroundings must be clean also. If the environment in the schools and the surroundings are not clean, chances of your children getting affected by health issues are high. In addition to spending money for providing the required treatment to them, you may lose your peace of mind also.

3. There are a number of pre-nursery schools that supply food to children. If the schools you are considering also follow this routine, you must verify if the food items they provide to children contain the required nutrients children must get. You must also check if the food items are prepared in a clean kitchen. Remember that you cannot take chances with the health of your children because food items prepared in an unclean environment may harm their health.

Further, the food items should be prepared with high-quality ingredients. If the schools you are considering aim to cut corners and opt to procure ingredients of poor quality for preparing their foods, it will ultimately affect the health of the children.

4. The reviews may provide you with the details of the curriculum the pre-nursery schools follow. You should check if their curriculum consists of more fun and play activities. According to experts, such activities inspire these young kids in learning more quickly.

5. You should find out if the teachers are competent and if they know how to handle and educate these very young children. As researchers point out, if young children learn directly under the guidance of experts, their life will certainly get into top gear. This means that they will be able to handle all types of situations without any issues.

6. You must make personal visits to the schools to see if they are spacious enough for making the children feel comfortable. There should be adequate space for play activities as well.

You will be able to make your choice easily once you carry out this exercise meticulously.