Preschools and Playgroups: Early Education for Your Child

a group of children playing with water fountains

Early childhood education is vital because it is critical for the development of the brain. Early childhood experiences also have a lasting effect on children. This is why preschools are very important for the growth and development of your child. As a responsible parent, you must be anxious to find the right preschool.  

Singapore has a vast preschool landscape with approximately 1800 preschool facilities. They teach many things like social, emotional, language, cognitive skills, besides academics and building self-confidence. They provide a supportive environment to enhance the learning process.

They provide personal learning experiences that cover a wide range of areas. They employ research-based curriculums for a vast range of subjects and essential life skills. some schools also offer internationally anchored curriculums so that the kids have the flexibility to adapt to any school environment.

If you have just moved into Singapore or this is your first time being a parent, you will find this useful for providing your kids the preschool and playgroup education they deserve.

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Children Playgroup Could A Priceless Gift

Many mammas have a feeling that their child will be safer at home. They also think that keeping the child at home, with a caregiver, means providing individual care and attention. But this may put the social development of the child in a severe jolt.

Children have a rapid brain development in their early days. This is a critical phase in their lives, and they need to learn various social skills to grow as a composed, contented, and confident individual.

As they start learning new things every day, they have more physical and psychosocial development than you think. They need support and stimulation from the environment for their optimum development and a playgroup can provide that.

Putting your child there could be a lifetime decision. By doing so, you give your child the best start in life. These groups work in a relaxed atmosphere. As the child makes new friends, his language skills improve much faster. 

Designed by experts, these classes help to develop physical strength and many other life skills. They also learn to share and be collaborative with their peers.

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Preschools in Singapore are getting costly: Know how to look for it

Preschools in Singapore are getting more and more costly with time. But there is news that the annual spending on preschools will be doubled from the current S$1 billion to S$2 billion. This raises hopes on the affordability improvement of preschools.

Singapore has passed thorough radical changes in society. It is full of nuclear families with both parents working. This has transformed preschools into a necessity form exception. As parents are anxious to give their children a kick start, they are sending their kids to preschools.

There are many things to consider when looking for a preschool. Singapore has several preschools that can cost you above S$2000 per month. While others are more affordable and range to S$150-200 a month. Other than cost, the location, types of programs, teacher-to-child ratio, etc must be considered.

ECDA has a set teacher-to-child ratio for different preschools including playgroups, nurseries, and kindergartens. Make sure that the preschool maintains the same before you put your kid there. Giants in this sector are having multiple facilities across the country to let you choose the most convenient one.

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