Why Need Speech Therapy

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Type of Different Speech Disorders

There are varying language disorders and speech disorders that can very well be managed with speech therapy. The main disorders in this case are:

Articulation Disorders: 

This disorder is about an inability to speak some sounds and words. It is common for a child with this disorder to either distort, drop, swap or even add some other words whose pronunciation may seem easy for them. A typical example of this articulation disorder is when a child finds it difficult to say “this” and rather speak “that.”

Fluency Disorder: 

This disorder impacts speed, flow, and rhythm of speech. Cluttering as well as shuttering are the main disorders categorized under the umbrella of fluency disorders. Anyone with shuttering issue finds it hard to say the sound. It also happens that some part of the speech is either interrupted or blocked. Otherwise, a person may also repeat some part of the word as well. It is also common for someone with a cluttering disorder to either speak quickly or merge or mix some words.

Resonance Disorders: 

This order happens due to air blockage in the nasal or oral passageway. The obstruction or blockage of the airflow blocks the vibrations, leading to the bad quality of the sound. At times the velopharyngeal valve even doesn’t work properly. Sometimes the cleft palate issue also occurs owing to resonance disorders among people. Resonance disorders are also linked with neurological disorders and swollen tonsils. 

Receptive Disorders: 

A person with receptive disorder can’t understand and interpret what people are saying and talking about. It also means that you seem uninterested when someone else is talking. It leads to difficulty in understanding directions and has a limited vocabulary. Other issues about receptive disorders include hearing loss, autism, and head injuries. 

Expression Disorders: 

Expressive disorders mean difficulty in expressing or conveying information to the other person. It is slightly difficult for someone to come up with accurate information in case of expression disorders. Also, while using incorrect verb tenses, one is unable to process something to the other person. It comes under the heading of developmental impairments, like hearing loss or down syndrome. Some medical conditions or head trauma could also be behind this phenomenon. 

Cognitive-Communication Disorders: 

Some injury in the brain that impacts comprehension leads to cognitive-communication disorder. It also impacts the ability to solve problems, memory issues, listening or speaking capability. It might also be caused due to biological issues, certain neurological problems, abnormal brain activity or development, or stroke. 


It is a kind of acquired communication disorder that makes it difficult to understand or speak with others. It impacts the person’s ability to either write or read anything. The most common issue could be a stroke, brain disorders, etc.


It is due to slurred or slow speech caused by muscles weakness. It could lead to muscles and tongues weakness and stroke.

These are the key causes of speech disorders. You need to diagnosis the issue or approach a speech therapist in Singapore before opting for the right remedy.